In an Era of Time Wasted

In an era of time wasted, we find ourselves routinely falling down the same pathways of dopamine and information indulgence. We spend countless hours scrolling and searching for something that may catch our attention or maybe even teach us something. The act ultimately becomes counterproductive due to the amount of information available. We spend so much time searching through information that it’s nearly impossible to render everything we have taken in into memory. Thus the simple act of discovery becomes futile in its inability to be productive. We simply give our own opinion of a fact or situation and move on to the next, all the while feeling accomplished and fulfilled. To me, the only true benefactor of this level of input would be the artificial intelligence learning from our billions and billions of interactions.

We seem to rarely spend time in ways that benefit ourselves entirely, be it Christmas shopping at the mall, or a 50-dollar pumpkin patch in the fall, a lot of what we traditionally do has continued to exist, ultimately to benefit entities other than ourselves, or the people closest to us. I suppose the question comes down to how do we best spend our time to benefit ourselves and the people we love?

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