In an Era of Fractured History

In an era of fractured history, we reference changes in a societal way of thinking by referring to them as various ages or eras. Be it the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Industrial Age, or the burgeoning Environmental Age, we see layers of history grown on top of one and another in succession. Today these fractures are even existing simultaneously. With the progression of culture at such an exponential rate we see generations of different ideals and morals existing at the same time. Something that may have been okay 20 years ago has fast become an act of political incorrectness. We exist in an world where human kind has experienced drastic shifts in sentimate toward one idea or another in such a short time span that it has become divisive. Various changes in what is considered right or wrong can been seen across a single generation. Society veering off into a new direction the way a broken bone left untended will heal into a new direction, with all the vasculature needed to exists left intact. We exists today as fractured version of past ideals and morals shifted into our new directions. All the time at a rapidly growing pace. We as a society are fast becoming more malleable and capable of change as a whole.

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