In an Era of Freedom

In an era of “freedom” we see an immense juxtaposition between concept and reality. Never before have humans preached the concept of “freedom” to one and other more and never before has that idea been so far fetched. Freedom of speech for example is quite possibly the most topical idea in philosophy at the moment, while at the same time, fear for speaking our mind is also rampant among individuals and organizations. Never before have we ousted more entities from their places of power and celebrity due to something they have said or an idea they have; We see friend groups broken up because of staggered ideals and morals, all the while this vast fracturing of society is occurring at the height of our “freedom of speech” movement. I have begun to think that the idea of freedom being given to us as a basic human right is truly just a farce, and that the only way to truly obtain this would be to find some version of it for ourselves in a way that works for us as an individual.

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