In an Era of Knowing

In an era of knowing, we all believe that the best knowledge that we have available to us can help us to define what is true or untrue. So many of us walk around teaching people about what we “know” and how things work, but how can any of us truly be so sure of ourselves? How is it that so many people want to tell us about the “truth” about something when the concept of definitively knowing something is, in reality, next to impossible? The naivety of the human race to believe they can “know” something outside of themselves with any sort of certainty is next to laughable as so many times the concept of what “is” the situation at hand has constantly shifted from one perspective to the next, all the while the situation at hand stays the same in its mechanics. What we know to be true seems merely a reflection of the best knowledge we have at that given moment, and with something so ambiguous, the concept of “true” naturally changes with time, defying its own nature with each new discovery. Shapeshifting along a timeline into various forms of being. It’s as if “truth” is merely something we will forever be searching for and not something we will ever be able to attain, for that would mean that we could know something without any single shred of doubt.

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