In an Era Transitioning from Oligarchy to Accountability

In an era where we see a shift from oligarchy to accountability. The easiest way to define this would be to note how much disruption and panic we can see among the elite of our world at this point in time. Corruption is unraveling and those responsible are scared and we can very easily be aware of this if we look objectively at the situation as a whole. Be it Putin’s war on Ukraine or North Korea and Chinas military posturing within the pacific rim and Canadian Arctic. The chaos we are seeing in front of us seems synonymous with a loss of control from whatever being may be in this place currently. As much as it seems overwhelming I feel it a right of passage into a better time of being. As if this is something we deserve to endure for letting this happen for so long and so that we won’t ever forget what has gone wrong and how we lost control.

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