In an Era of Judgement

In an era of such rampant judgement and scrutiny, we find ourselves guilty of not only doling out scrutiny arbitrarily but also of dwelling on the random scrutiny we experience on a day to day basis. Why is it we seem to remember the look the cashier gave us as they handed us our coffee? Why does it even bother us? Further more, why do we let it bother us to the point that we begin to dole out this same sort of random and seemingly underserved judgement to others who we don’t even know? Who cares of that guy has goofy glasses, or that girls bangs look off? It has nothing to do with us, yet we dive into it regardless. In any attempt to wash us of the condescension we perceive from others, we cast it onward, enabling the cycle of judgement and insecurity to run perpetually through our society until it cycles back to us ourselves.

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